Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Takes: possible poetical burnout to general awesomeness

I feel like we have some catching up to do! After Monday's menu plan, Perfectly Poetical Tuesday, Earth Day and Earth Day overflow, there's just been some things I haven't been able to get to. Good thing I have 7 of these Quick Takes!

  1. Ok, is it just me or am I sensing some Poetical burnout? I think this poem-a-week project may be a little more challenging than we figured. There's one week left in April, and we're scheduled for an epic poem. What I want to know: are we up for the challenge? Would Perfectly Poetical work better as a monthly event (say, every second Tuesday)? If so, would you like to reschedule the epic poem for a couple weeks from now? Would you like to just say "Yay! That was fun for three weeks!" and forget about the epic altogether? I would really love your feedback on this! What sounds fun to you?
  2. Tuesday was my sweet Mom's birthday (if you're thinking didn't you just have a parent with a birthday? You're right - Dad's was just a couple weeks ago.) Happy (belated) birthday to my brilliant, beautiful, kind, loving Mom!
  3. Girl time update #1: Last week I went with my Aunt Roberta to NU at the Heard Museum - that's the monthly event where the museum (devoted to Native American art and cultures) stays open late, has live music and guest speakers, etc. We met up on the light rail (I got a few stops after she did), sat in the courtyard and had dinner, then went on a whirlwind tour of museum highlights. She knows the museum well, and it was fun to see some of her favorite exhibits.
  4. Girl time update #2: Last night my sister-in-law Liz and I went to This American Life - Live! We had a great time going, and then a great time coming back and sitting in my living room chatting, long after the Hubs had given up on us and gone to bed. She and I haven't done anything like that since...well...actually, I don't think we've ever gone out just the two of us. We'll have to do it again! Of course, it's great to have the guys and/or the fam hanging out with us too, but there's something special about one-on-one time, don't you think?
  5. I don't know if you've headed over to SortaCrunchy yet, but she's having a Bold Avenue gift certificate giveaway. And, really, you should stop on over there anyway. 'Cuz she writes a fun, thought-provoking blog that's full of insights on life and parenting and is always a delight to read. Also? In case you needed further proof of Megan's general awesomeness: when BlogHer made it so that she was no longer allowed to let me sponsor a giveaway on her blog, she generously volunteered to it on her own dime. Yeah. For reals. Just to help spread the word about my little biz. How generous is that?!! Sooo, seriously....go check it out! And best of luck to you on the giveaway!
  6. Very good, very convicting list of real priorities - Drowning in Home Management
    on Preschoolers and Peace. I had never visited that site before, but would like to check it out more. (The link came from Holy Experience.)
  7. I'm cheating here, but I just ran out of things to tell you. Who would've thought that'd happen - ever??
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  1. Awwwww, thanks for the sweet words, friend!

    On the poetical tuesdays - I guess it's helped me to remember that creative writing was never my strong point! ;) I'm not totally sure I can come up with an epic for Tuesday, but I do like the idea of trying to write poetically once a month. It's a good challenge!


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