Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick Takes: Putting the "good" back in Friday to furry fun

My quick takes on this week:

Happy Good Friday! I was looking around for a good summary of what Good Friday is (for someone who may not be familiar with it), and do you know where I found one? Wikipedia.

Conversion Diary is actually not hosting Quick Takes this week, since it's Good Friday. But this is such a good format for me to tell you lots of different things that I'm quick takin' anyway!

We still aren't sure what we're doing for Easter. Something. With some part of the family. And probably some church mixed in. (Although I'm really not sure which church at this point, since our family goes to all different churches.) There's just been so much to figure out lately, that we just haven't quite gotten to that one yet.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Perfectly Poetical Tuesday! You guys are brilliant! Such beautiful poems (and such kind shout outs on your blogs)! I can't wait to see what kind of limericks you come up with next week!

Speaking of limerick week on Perfectly Poetical Tuesday, this is a great one to get the kids involved in! Heather and I were talking about how even pre-readers could join in. Just make up a "template" and have them fill in the blanks. Here's a sample (which you don't have to follow):

There once was a _____ from ____ (A)
Who loved to ___________ (A)
Until __________ (B)
When __________ (B)
And then ______ was ________ (A)

You can help them come up with rhyming words (all the "A" lines should rhyme with each other and all the "B" lines should rhyme with each other but not the "A lines) (but don't tell them that or they'll just get confused), or, if they don't get that concept yet, you can come up with all the rhyming words and have them fill in what comes before.

I'd like to do a roundup of fabulous posts about poetry before the month is out, so I'm on the lookout for those. If you happen to write or read something poetry-related that you'd like to share, feel free to email me at stephanie [at] boldavenue [dot] com to make sure I don't miss it! :)

Kitten update: We were kind of concerned about the kittens' new digs on the patio of an unoccupied unit that's getting remodeled. But we weren't sure what - if anything - we should do about it. Then our neighbor talked to this couple across the street, and they arranged to take in mama cat AND the kittens. They will probably keep Mama and a kitten or two and adopt out the rest, once they're old enough. If you're local and looking for a bundle of adorable furry fun, let me know.

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