Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Takes: time flies to secret crayon-fighting weapon

My quick takes on this week...

How is it already Friday again? Didn't we just do this? It seems like not enough has been crossed off my to-do list for another week to have gone by already. Sigh.

We came home the other day, and the cat and kittens were gone. The Hubs did some investigating and found them behind an unoccupied unit a couple doors down. Well, he found most of them. Two of the kittens didn't make it. We're pretty sure that another cat attacked and that's what prompted the move. It's very sad.

Tonight we say good-bye to our friends Ali, Zach and Rory (who, you'll remember, taught us how to properly drink tea - through a straw!). They are going on an epic road trip and moving to New York. So far away! I am sad but excited for them and for what's ahead. Best wishes, friends, and know you'll be in our thoughts and prayers - especially whenever we eat pancakes!

Some people are Unplugging today - from the computer or other electronic distractions in their lives. A great idea, but even harder to do when you run a business. And I just found out about the whole deal last night (probably because I'm kind of behind on my blog reading), so I didn't want to randomly spring it on you here. So...maybe another time.

I'm in the process of adding these really fabulous organic tees (and onesies!) to my shop. I'll let you know more when they're all in there!

CheapTweet is a website that tries to find all the deals that people have mentioned on Twitter and collect them in one place. (Saying something on Twitter = tweeting, hence the name.) They listed yesterday's post (because it was about good deals), and I realized that they had a whole page of sale/special offer kinda things I had tweeted. So I put a little button linking to those in my sidebar. Or here's a link if you're curious.

I'm going to tell you the secret I learned this week for getting crayon off tile floors: water. That's right, you heard it here first. Depending on the floor and the tile, you might have to get more serious than that, but if water does the trick, you might as well save the Magic Eraser for something really messy.

More Quick Takes at today's Conversion Diary.


  1. Your cats, my fish. I didn't move although my fish did. Enjoyed your posts.

    I can't figure out how to get my wordpress to link to you. So I'm going to see if this works.

  2. I totally understand the dilemma of going unplugged while having an internet biz. Although I've been closed since August, I am just now getting to implementing no internet days.

    I was inspired by one of your posts recently on fasting and a friend of my mom's who gave up internet and email for lent. I'm not quite that die-hard, but I'm giving it up on Thursday's and Sundays. It's amazing how much more I get done on those days... :)


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