Monday, March 16, 2009

On the menu: week of 3/15/09

Up next, this week's menu.

But, first, a little background information:

  1. You may recall that I make corned beef every St. Patrick's day, a tradition which may have started with my Scots-Irish ancestors, but more likely came from my mom, who has made it every year as long as I can remember.
  2. I am not in the mood to do a lot of grocery shopping this week. I'm more in the mood to use the same really yummy ingredients in more than one meal. I think the key to pulling this off is to stick with really yummy.
  3. Remember how last week I wrote "pizza" down for Friday's dinner, crossed it out, moved it to Tuesday, and then back to Friday? Well, guess what we ended up eating Tuesday night? Yep. Pizza. It was a great day not to have to worry about dinner. Then Friday night, the Hubs decided to grill the thin boneless pork chops that we were supposed to have eaten Tuesday. He marinated them in Soy Vay, and they were delicious. We had a lovely dinner out on the patio next to the garden. He also grilled up a few extra pork chops without any marinade.
  4. Saturday we got to hang out with Liz (sister of the Hubs) and Matt (hubby of Liz). Since the Hubs was working, we missed out on enjoying Liz's famous waffles with a group of their friends that morning, but all was not lost on the waffle front. They sent some home with us.
Enough of that, let's move on to the main course:

  • Monday - Breakfast for dinner! Liz's waffles (see #4), topped with fruit, and scrambled eggs on the side.
  • Tuesday - Corned beef and red potatoes
  • Wednesday - Pasta with Alfredo sauce, sliced grilled pork (see #3), mushrooms and maybe those red peppers that come in a jar
  • Thursday - Basic quiche with spinach and mushrooms
  • Friday - Corned beef hash (with leftover corned beef and potatoes)
  • Saturday - Pizzas on pita bread (inspired by this, although no pesto this time) with leftover ingredients (mushrooms, etc.) from earlier in the week.

See how that all comes together? (on paper.) We'll see how this week actually pans out!

For dessert:

Stop by My Joyful Haven for more delicious menu plans!

Edited: I meant to link to My Joyful Haven's homepage (fixed). And here's a link directly to this week's menu plan blog roll. Also, I changed the breakfast for dinner wording, so that you knew I meant scrambled eggs with the waffles - not on top of them. (Iew.)


Photos by me.


  1. Your Friday meal is actually my favorite breakfast!

    So may people hate on Corned Beef for St. Patty's, me I can't get enough. And at under $1/lb I'm tempted to eat it all month long. :-)

  2. You know I love your style and the way you roll...great plan! Corned beef hash with eggs...why didn't I think of that? LOL... hmmmm... breakfast this weekend? Thanks again for joining in!

  3. Zoomlenz & Jenna: I never thought about corned beef hash as a breakfast, but that would be delicious!

    Zoomlenz: I wonder why people hate corned beef--? I think it's delicious!

    Jenna: Adding eggs would be perfect for breakfast!

  4. Your menu looks awesome. and I purposely shop so that I don't have to go very often. So, I am all about a not shopping kind of menu. I haven't done a breakfast for dinner in a while but we love them over here.
    I like corn beef but hubby doesn't so I only get it if someone makes it for me...

    Thanks for stopping by my menu and I look forward to next week's menu!

  5. Jen: This'll be our first breakfast for dinner in awhile. And tomorrow I'll be sure to eat some extra corned beef just for you! ;)


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