Thursday, March 26, 2009

For a good deal, call (up) these 5 sites!

Ok, now for the post I didn't post yesterday.

Here are 5 deal/coupon sites I wanted to share with you. They are all free and do not require any kind of registration.

  • The Deal Seeking Mom blog posts several special offers a day for discounts on things like Redbox rentals, groceries, magazines, eating out and all kinds of stuff - both online and offline. DSM also has pages dedicated to how to save money specifically via coupons, freebies, drugstores, grocery stores and Wal-mart.
  • is basically a database of coupons (mostly online coupon codes but also some printable store coupons) for the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and Germany. Search results may include "featured coupons" from the merchant itself, as well as codes users have received and shared. Since some of the user-submitted codes may be expired or invalid for other reasons, it gives a percentage (success rate) of how many users reported the coupon working.
  • works in a similar way to, except it is exclusively for online coupons. I did a few searches and got fewer and less reliable results (i.e. I searched for "target" and got only two results, neither of which had anything to do with Target stores), but it still might be worth a look if you haven't been able to find a coupon code for something elsewhere.
  • is the most reliable source for up-to-date CafePress coupons (usually $5 off your purchase of $50). This is important because I accept all valid CafePress coupons in my Bold Avenue shop. :) (Today, for example, you could use this coupon code: DWELTAWAIT.)
  • ABC15's Smart Shopper is one you must check out if you're in the Phoenix area. She announces deals for local stores, restaurants, etc. and giveaways that usually only last one day. You just need to print out a Smart Shopper card (or pick one up at a UPS store) and watch for the deals on the news or the site.

Do ABC affiliates in other parts of the country have their own "Smart Shoppers" or something similar?

What other sites do you like for finding deals and coupons?


Photos by me.

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