Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitting a hundred to that special kind of paranoid

Yes, folks, it's time for another 7 Quick Takes Friday - the part of the show where I share my fascinating interesting amusing thoughts on the week. So, without further, adieu, here are this week's quick takes:

1.When is it going to hit 100 degrees in Phoenix? I'm not asking in a wistful way, like "When am I going to win the lottery?" I'm wondering because the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) is sponsoring a contest to see who can guess correctly guess the date that the temperature at Sky Harbor Airport will take off into triple digits. Think you know? The prize is a weekend at a Scottsdale resort.

2.Since the weather is still gorgeous, the Hubs and I took a spontaneous little hike at South Mountain last weekend, where I decided I needed to photograph trail markers and signs for today's post*. And in the spirit of quick takes (and because it was starting to get dark), they were taken quickly. (Sorry they're a bit shaky. But makes you feel like you're hiking right along with us, doesn't it?)

3.Our freesia bulbs came back this year. And this week, they bloomed! The pics are on Flickr. Yes, our plants have their own photo set now.

4.Kinda tested the limits this week with stuffing more bedding, etc. in our small stack washer-and-dryer unit at one time than I probably should have. I was afraid it would overflow. (Remember Freaky Friday? No, the old one.) So I kept an eye on it. And refrained from chewing gum or listening to groovy music on my headphones until I was sure insane amounts of bubbles would not come pouring out the top. I lucked out. That thing sure beats the laundromat!

5.Also, we are busy, busy here in Phoenix this weekend! There's a lot going on, but here are my top event picks:

6.The Hubs got his braces adjusted Tuesday, and, much to our relief, he has been able to eat without putting anything unusual in the blender or food processor.

7.Our neighbors a few doors down got broken into this week. So I've been that special kind of paranoid that results from those kind of events. Yesterday, I kept hearing noises. No, really. I jumped up and went to the window ten or twenty times. Every time, it was my next door neighbor unloading his car.

His method went something like this: throw open door, throw open creaky gate (which slams shut), rummage around in the car (preferably slamming trunk and/or doors), dog whines, open gate (preferably hard enough that it slams against the fence), fling open door, bang around inside of house, repeat. At some point in the process, I would think, "What was that?! I don't think that was the neighbor." But it was. Every time.

P.S. If see numbers and not photos, you probably are blocking images or reading this through a feed that doesn't allow images. Don't worry. You're not missing much.

Photos by me. But you knew that. ;)


  1. eeeeeeeeee! I love this idea! You are so clever. I never think of good stuff that far in advance.

    4 - I've done the same thing many, many a time. Every time, I think, "I should NOT be pressing my luck AGAIN" but then I do it anyway. My day is coming, I know it.

    5 - I'm so jealous of all the fun stuff coming up in your neighborhood. Good times!

    7 - A little paranoia never hurt anyone, right? ;)

  2. I like your pictures! I love how you say you took a "spontaneous little hike." I have never done such a thing, but it sounds so wonderful. I wish I lived close to mountains so I could.

    I never knew Phoenix had such an arts community. I've always said it's too hot there, but my husband's been trying to convince me to move nearby. The 100 degree weather scares the daylights out of me.


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