Thursday, April 2, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesdays

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I'm going to be posting a different poetic style each Tuesday in April. It shall be called Perfectly Poetical Tuesdays. And you're welcome to join me if you'd like!

Here's how to join in the fun:

  1. Each Tuesday, I'll let you know the style for the next Tuesday.
  2. Blog about whatever you would normally blog about, BUT do it as poetry (in that week's style) instead of prose.
  3. Include a link in your post to my Perfectly Poetical post for that week, so people can see what it's all about. (On Tuesday, I'll also have the code for a button if you'd like to use it. I'm still working on the one above.)
  4. Stop by, leave your link on the Mr. Linky, and leave a comment.
This coming Tuesday: Let's start easy! The style will be acrostic, so rhyming is completely optional. Just spell out a word with the first letter of every line (see, even a child could do this! If you have school-aged kids, they might like to give it a whirl, as well.) - the topic is up to you.

Remember, every life writes a poem. So let us know what yours says!

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