Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter baskets

My parents are so sweet. Mom still makes us Easter baskets each year (without peeps, of course). This year she came up with a creative - and calorie-free - new twist: hanging baskets filled with lovely plants.

She even took into consideration where we would hang them. With the help of a nursery owner we know, she chose plants for the Hubs and I that would do well on our east-facing balcony: sweet alyssum, hanging lantana and vinca. They'll fill in the gaps, hang down and look even more fabulous in no time. Also, those are all hearty plants that should be able to survive our scorching summers!

E and Christine got a completely different set of plants that would thrive in northern exposure.

Because hanging plants require extra water - especially in Arizona with so much sun and evaporation - she also got us those Aqua Globes to help keep them watered.

The Hubs hung our basket up, and it makes me smile every time I look out our bedroom window.


Photos by me. Ignore the keys clipped to our basket - that's the hubby's system for making sure we don't forget anything. The funny thing is that we remembered the basket, but somehow left without our Aqua Globe. Sigh. Good thing my parents don't live far away.


  1. Such a sweet Momma!! So much love and thoughtfullness went into that! I was wondering about the keys. Good idea. I am always forgetting stuff when leaving Mom and Dad's house.

  2. Those easter baskets are incredible! Isn't it cool that we never stop being their kids... Our Easter baskets didn't stop until Xander was born. Then all of a sudden it was more fun to get him things and our baskets stopped coming...


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