Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Encampment Acrostic

Welcome to the first of our Perfectly Poetical Tuesdays! Because it's National Poetry Month and because every life writes a poem, Tuesdays in April I'm inviting you to write a poem about your life (or whatever it is you would normally blog about that day). Each week will feature a different poetic style.

To join, blog in the style for the week and include a link to my Pefectly Poetical post for that week (i.e. this post). Then leave your link in the Mr. Linky and a comment. (Note: links to non-poetical posts may be deleted.)

Button images are here, if you'd like to grab one. I'm having trouble getting the code copiable, so let me know if you need help.

Of course, anyone is welcome to leave a comment in good ol' prose (or you can acrostic there if you don't have a blog.)

Today's style is acrostic
(that's the one where each line of the poem spells out a word).

Next week: limerick. (Despite what Wikipedia says, let's keep 'em clean.)

Did I miss anything?

And, now for my acrostic post...

Camping In

Expect the unexpected: birthday boy's extra work nixes expedition
Nevertheless, at night we hike in parents' neighborhood instead of journeying north
Cook in kitchen: stew, pie, biscuits, hotcakes and hasbrowns
All fall asleep warm in living room while moon and stars shine on roof
Morning tea, just Mom and me, after late night talking with Christine
Packing up pillows, rolling up bags, unpitching tents
Masterfully at last minute, dad makes duct tape repairs to reunite my boot and sole
E.J. Peak: we try to reach, incomplete, agree to retreat
Nosh late afternoon - a pleasant end to a pleasant weekend
Things, at times, come together better than expected.

Photo by me.


  1. Woot~woot! I'm the first! Thanks for the inspiration to get poetic.

  2. Yes, thank you for the inspiration/motivation!

    I love your acrostic - especially the last line. So true.

  3. Loved doing this! Thanks for the challenge. I hope to keep up with it through out the month. At least I know that the limerick is next. Smiles!

  4. Wow! I loved everyone's poems, beautiful and very creative. Hmmmmm, I've never done a limerick before...we'll see...

  5. Outstanding poem! True and lots of fun. Nice job.

  6. I wrote a poem. 2 days late but I am here!! but


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