Monday, April 20, 2009

On the menu: week of 4/19/09

Thus another week begins and another menu plan is posted.

I have the handwriting of a doctor sometimes, don't I?

So. On to what we're eating (or planning to eat) this week:

  • Monday - Spaghetti with marinara sauce, veggies on the side
  • Tuesday - Stir fry with tofu
  • Wednesday - Spicy chicken pinto bean soup
  • Thursday - Pizza for the Hubs (Steph out with Liz)
  • Friday - Baked potatoes with chili (if we're not at the parents' house)

Yes, I'm leaving the Hubs at home alone again.This time to go out with his sister. She's taking me to This American Life—Live!, because 1) she's awesome. (I really lucked out in the sister-in-law department!) 2) as you may have guessed, we're both total NPR nerds. (And I'm sure she's totally ok with me saying that.) Anyway, the Hubs knew about all this girl time in advance, and I think he's happy to indulge his introvert side with some quiet time at home - especially during a couple of very social weeks like the last two have been!

Also, on Caregroup nights (two Wednesdays out of the month), I'm trying to stick with things that can be ready to eat as soon as the Hubs gets home - soup, salad, etc. He already gets off work too late for us to ever make it there on time, but at least we can be less late.

So I think that's that.

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Photo by me. Liz with niece Dana yesterday.

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  1. I LOVE your sprawling handwritten menu plan... please never change! Another great menu plan this week. Love the Spicy Chicken Pinto Bean Soup and the Stirfry with Tofu. To be honest, I am not a huge tofu eater... but I do like now and then. Hope you have fun with your Sis. Thanks for joining in at the Chive Talkin' Menu Plan Blog Roll. See you next week. Cheers! Jenna


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