Thursday, March 18, 2010

All good news!

Thanks for all your concern and wishes for health, regarding the headaches I was having and more recent sore throat bug.

The bad headaches left with the change in weather, and I'm just about over the sore throat and coughing. So yay!

Much more exciting than that is we got my brother all married off! He and his bride are honeymooning in London as I write this.

Also, I wasn't necessarily intending to write a blog post today, but I got rather long winded commenting on a post by verybusymomwith4, who was looking for feedback on saving money and still eating well. The topic intrigues me, and there is a great discussion going on over there.

I'd definitely encourage you to stop by and add your two cents!


Photo by me: Ian and Christine opening presents the day after the wedding. I was in the wedding, so I didn't take any pics then.

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