Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perfectly Poetical: Haiku (Belated)

I've had a crazy month. And while I've managed to keep client deadlines in mind, attend the various functions associated with my brother's wedding, and remember to figure out what's for dinner each night (or at least to delegate the task), I plum forgot about Perfectly Poetical Tuesday.

Here's the really amazing thing, though: You didn't forget. Maybe not all of you, but some of you remembered and wrote haiku and then...I dropped the ball. (Which I feel bad about.) But it seriously warms my heart that you remembered!

I can't wait to see what you came up with!

Actually, I'm hoping they don't sound like this:

I wrote a haiku
There was nowhere to link it
Stephanie's a jerk.

Anyway. If you didn't already write a haiku, you can still join in the fun! Here's how to play. (If you tweet about it, feel free to use the hashtag #perpotues.)

The next PerPoTues will be April 13. The style will be free verse, so no rhyme, no meter, just let it flow from your heart. (Think Walt Whitman.)

And I won't forget that one, because it will be National Poetry Month! And a year since Perfectly Poetical Tuesdays began! So we're going to have to celebrate, but I'll be telling you about that later on.

For now, comment, link up and enjoy reading some haiku goodness....

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  1. Ha! You're definitely not a jerk :) I'm excited for next month's free verse, but way nervous, too. I need boundaries! I need rules! I need instruction! We'll see how this goes.


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