Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding shrapnel

You know when you're on the mend when you start noticing your house is a mess.

Last week was brother's-wedding chaos. Then, after I took two of the last out-of-town guests to the airport, I realized I was coming down with something. So this week I've been fighting off this cold/sore throat/cough thing and catching up with work and vaguely aware that the house needed attention, but too exhausted to do anything about it.

This morning (I'm using the term loosely. Does 3:30 a.m. really count as "morning"?) I woke up, mind racing with things (real and imagined) I needed to do. I finally got up to make some tea and realized it looks like some kind of wedding bomb exploded in my house.

The coffee table is littered with silk flowers, collage supplies I had out for bridal shower decorations (the shower was the evening before the wedding) and wedding magazines they keep sending me because I went to a bridal expo with Christine. In the corner of the living room are bags of stuff I brought back home from the shower and wedding. In one bag: two spools of ribbon (one mostly empty), nail polish, polish remover, scissors, lipstick, Bed Head, a vintage caketopper and a box with earrings in it (incidentally not the earrings that came in the box). I ended up with some things that belonged at my parents' house. Some need to go home with Ian and Christine when they return, and some of them need to find their way to my scrapbooking aunt. The rest just needs to be put back in place here at home.

At least the kitchen is clean, thanks to the Hubs. (Who is awesome.)


Photo by me. Yes, we filled out our census form. OK, the Hubs did that too. Sheesh, I feel like such a bum sometimes.

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