Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Speaking of getting around to things, Saturday I crossed two big things off my list that I've been meaning to do for a long time.

1. Eye exam. My glasses will come in later this week, and I'm actually excited. Because seeing would be nice. And less headaches would be too, so keep your fingers crossed for that!


2. The big chop. Oh yes, I finally did it. First, a before shot....

(Here's me concentrating really hard on keeping the camera steady on Friday night before we went out for Peruvian.)

So Saturday morning I headed up to Toni & Guy Academy...

...and let Tellie cut off 10 inches of my hair.

Which I'll be donating to Locks of Love.

Oh, yeah, we did lowlights too.

(I say "we" like I contributed to the process in some way other than picking out the color, then sitting there drinking my Daily Rush. Right. It's all I can do to take a photo and smile at the same time...)

And the result...


The funny thing is that I forgot to bring a bag with me to put the cutoff ponytail into. So I ended up walking out with this...

It works, though, right?

So since I currently do not hate my hair, maybe I'll put a photo in my profile.



Photos: The ones where I'm holding the camera are by me. The ones where I'm getting my hair cut are by Claire - also from Toni & Guy Academy.


  1. Don't I have a beautiful daughter?!

  2. Steph!!! I LOVE it!!! Wish I were coming to caregroup tonight so I could see it first hand.

    a profile pic is a MUST!

  3. Love it Steph!! So cute! And easier and cooler too (temperature). You're cool no matter what!


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