Monday, July 7, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night

I think I've officially crossed over from having an epic headache to having a migraine. Don't think I've had one of those before. Why am I even on the computer? Because knowledge is power. And I'm trying to (quickly) read up before I return to my dark cave of a room. I turned the monitor brightness down from 75 to 25, put on my sunglasses and skimmed a WebMD article.

Since I don't have a lot of time to surf, I was wondering if you had any links/info on migraines could share-?

My friend Leanna gave me some good tips for dealing with one. But I don't really understand where this is coming from or what to do about it. I am going to call the doc tomorrow, but I know they don't have all the answers. So feel free to share what you long as you don't talk too loud. ;)


  1. Leanna's headache tips (sent via email):

    Drink 1 Pepsi with 2 Tylenol. Make 2 eggs, any style, but plain, i.e., no additional "stuff" - no cheese, no veggies, etc You may choose to have 1 piece of toast, dry.

    Often, just the Pepsi and Tylenol will least for me and those in my "crowd". If it's really heavy duty, say migraine-ish, it may take the Pepsi and Tylenol, no food, a dark room, an ice pack on your head, and a fan blowing very lightly across your face. ugh...I hope you don't have this headache.

  2. Aunty's migraine advice (highlights from our phone call):

    Dealing with a migraine...

    - Give your senses a break. Avoid light (wear your sunglasses inside the doctor's office if you need to), keep things quiet and eat light meals of bland foods.

    - A warm (not too hot) rice bag might help.

    - Sleep!

    Finding out what causes a migraine...

    - Pay attention to possible triggers, especially red wine, cheese, chocolate, etc.

    - Note where you are in your menstrual cycle as hormonal changes when you ovulate or right before your period can be a factor.

    - Keep notes on what you've been eating, drinking, doing and when and where the migraine started.

  3. My doctor said*:

    - Sounds like you had a migraine.

    - There are many different types and causes of migraines.

    - Look for a pattern over time to find out what you should avoid in the future.

    - Over-the-counter migraine medicine may help.

    - Don't take prescription pain reliever you might have leftover from a toothache or something. That could actually make it worse.

    - If you start waking up in the morning with a headache on a regular basis, schedule an appointment right away.

    *This is just for informational purposes. My doctor's advice for me is not a substitute for your doctor's advice for you.


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