Monday, July 7, 2008

The unexpected

The first full day of our "housesitting" adventure I woke up with what the Hubs termed an epic headache, which killed our 4th of July party plans. The Hubs could've still gone, but he is so awesome that he just wanted to hang out with me.

So we raided my parent's fridge and their movie collection. By the time fireworks were in full swing, the headache had let up enough that we could drive up the hill and look for a good spot to view some at a distance.

We pulled into this random parking lot and were surprised to see that several other families (mostly with small children) had picked the same spot. Maybe when your kids are at a certain age, it's easier just to skip the big crowds.

I dunno. It worked for me. We could see several fireworks displays - but they were all far enough away not to be too loud.

Actually, the most eventful moment of the day came when we arrived home to find a snake hanging out in the dining room. Sorry, it was not a photo op moment - we had to get that thing out of the house ASAP.

Funny how things never seem to go as planned. Funny how uneventful can be good.

Photo 1) by the Hubs. The rest by me.

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