Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nothing to sneeze at

Where have I been all week, right?

Well, Monday was my annual visit with the allergy doctor, who I apparently misquoted in my first post. He said he recommends waiting on starting allergy shots rather than waiting on starting a family.

But, really? Continue feeling miserable in order to get pregnant and feel more miserable then start treatment once I have an infant to bring with me every! single! week!...OR...wait on the baby, start feeling better sooner, and blog about baby stuff? No regrets.

Anyway, the allergies are a lot better. I'm still getting shots, but I'm at the point where pregnancy would not interfere with that. Which has given the Hubs and I a lot to think about. (i.e. that slew of questions Monday)

Speaking of kids, the waiting room at the allergy clinic had coloring books...sponsored by Nasonex. So in case you had any doubt that marketing of pharmaceuticals was out of control or that marketing to kids was out of control, look no further than Buzzy the Bee's Activity Book.

Ok, well, the Hubs is home now and making us tuna sandwiches, so I guess the rest of this week will have to wait.

PS The Hubs came up with that sneeze title. :) And made me a sandwich. I took the photos though, so....

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