Monday, June 9, 2008

Not exactly a wealth of information

make school make senseWell, that's what I get for linking to a list of articles before I've had a chance to browse through them. There are a few interesting stories and a smattering of good information about autism. On the whole, however, they are not well written or as informative as I had hoped. (Sigh.)

I would recommend "Young man strives for independence." It talks about the challenges a 19-year-old faced growing up with autism, and, now, entering the workforce and trying to prepare to be on out his own.

Visual Metaphor for Autistic PerceptionOther than that, I'm sure there are better sources for information on autism out there.

P.S. Actually I found some interesting info in the captions of these photos.


Photos: 1) by Norma Desmond. Creative Commons License. 2) by Transguyjay. Creative Commons License.

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