Monday, June 16, 2008

Cake you don't eat

I've seen diaper cakes before. You know, where they stack/arrange a bunch of diapers and other baby stuff to look like a cake. Usually they look something like this...

Well, this company is offering cakes made with gDiapers. I haven't seen that before. They come with basic gDiaper stuff, and you can get them with baby bath stuff from Burt's Bees. (They spelled it wrong, though. Bad sign?)

I still haven't met anyone who uses gDiapers. But it wouldn't surprise me if they were have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too kinda people. Not that that's all bad. I'm just sayin'...when you expect your child's diapers to be both eco-friendly and able to be tossed into the garbage....well...

Myself? I think I'm an eat-my-cake-and-wonder-why-my-jeans-don't-fit kind of person.

Takes all kinds, right?

Photos: 1) by ciboulette. CCL. 2) by rshannonsmith. CCL.

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