Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy anniversary... us!

You didn't forget, did you? Well, that's okay, I didn't get you a present either, so we're good. But I do think the first anniversary of The Little Stuff of Life is worth noting.

And I thought I should update you on some things I mentioned in the very first post:

I made it through the first year of allergy shots the doctor sort of recommended.

I've learned a lot about baby stuff.

I've read some good books and gotten suggestions for more good books to read.

My business has grown - adding the Fam Fare line and many other new designs and products.

The Hubs and I have taken some very fabulous trips.

You have contributed a lot too. Maybe more than you know.

Thank you for all the support, encouragement and the many wonderful comments - insights, suggestions, reactions, opinions. (Keep those comin'! Comments are my candy.)

And a big huge thanks to the Hubs for loving me, cheering me on and putting up with my nonsense.

Happy blogiversary everyone!

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