Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BBT basics

Unlike the whole saliva microscope thing, I was aware of the BBT (basal body temperature) method of monitoring your cycle before I read that article.

If you're not familiar with it, here's the basic science behind the idea: the first part of your monthly cycle your body temperature is generally lower than it is the second half. (I'm talking to women here, in case there are any confused guys out there.) Once you ovulate, it spikes up and stays over a certain level until you're on your period. Ergo, if you keep a chart with your daily temperature, you'll know when you ovulated. Over time, you'll probably start to see some patterns. has more in-depth articles on how to chart your BBT, as well as fertility charting in general.

They also have downloadable chart, which is pretty good. But since I haven't found the perfect BBT chart yet, I'm working on making my own template. If it turns out as awesome as I think it will, I'll post it here.


Photo by me.

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