Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bloggy lo-o-o-ove!

I feel like this is kind of a self-serving post. And, yet, I continue. But, really, it's not all about me. Just partly.

From February 1st to Valentine's Day, Happy to be at Home is encouraging everyone (yep, including you) to Spread Some Bloggy Love! They've created a fabulous list of 14 things - one for each day - to give a little something back to the blogs you enjoy.

Since some of you (yes, more than one!) are new to the whole blog world, before I get to the Actual List, I'm gonna break it down (yo). Try out at least a couple of these things over the next couple weeks.

To sum up:

  • If you like it, share it! Email a friend, link to it, social bookmark it, tweet it, etc.
  • If you've been quiet, speak up! Leave a comment (here's how) and/or email the blog's author.
  • If you haven't, click it! Visit the blog's sponsors/ads or author's shop. Here that would be Bold Avenue.
  • If you're in a rut, explore! Most blogs link to other blogs. My list of "A Few Great Blogs" is on the right, past the "Little Stuff Being Said."
  • If you keep coming back, subscribe! You can sign up to receive my blog via email or RSS. Pretty much any blog will have a subscribe link somewhere.

Ok, for the bloggers and pro blog readers out there, can ya handle it?!! Here is the Actual List:
  1. Comment, comment, comment! Stop by your favorite blogs and leave a comment on one or two posts.
  2. Subscribe. If you don’t already, subscribe via RSS, e-mail, or follow the blog on blogger.
  3. Social bookmarking. Choose a great post or two on your favorite blogs and bookmark them using StumbleUpon, Kirtsy, Digg,, or any of the other social bookmarking sites out there.
  4. Tweet. If you have a Twitter account, send out a few tweets with links to your favorite bloggers.
  5. Click through an ad or visit a site sponsor.
  6. Send a thank you email. Let your favorite bloggers know just how much you appreciate the dedication and hard work they put into their blogs.
  7. Mark your favorite blogs as a favorite in Technorati.
  8. Read through the archives. Then comment on a post or two that’s new to you.
  9. Write a post on your blog and share links to some of your favorite bloggers.
  10. Visit some of the blogs in your favorite blogger’s blogroll and let them know how you found their link.
  11. Nominate your favorites for blog awards or a BlogHer of the Week post.
  12. Find some new favorites. Spend some time exploring new blogs found through memes or carnivals.
  13. Grab a button. If your favorite bloggers have a button for their site, grab it and put it in your sidebar.
  14. When or if your favorite blogger hosts a Mr. Linky, do your best to participate.

Thanks to @summerm for tweeting a link to Profitable Mommy Blogging's post, which is how I heard about Spread Some Bloggy Love!


Button from Happy to Be at Home.


  1. What a great list! I try to make a point to comment - at least periodically, on blogs I read. It's always nice to know who is reading and what their thoughts are.

  2. Yep, I love comments too - short ones, long ones, silly ones, ones I agree with, ones I don't, anything that's not spam (or mean!) is appreciated! :)

  3. I love your "14 things to do" I'm a newbie but I'll try my best to catch as quick as I can. Love your blog!


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