Monday, January 12, 2009

CPSIA update

About the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), I was misinformed regarding the public comment deadlines.

There is still time to speak up for the small businesses who won't be able to shoulder the burden of this overly stringent regulation!

The law is supposed to go into effect February 10 of this year, but there is a lot of opposition to it. I mean A LOT.

It's been called "National Bankruptcy Day", because of the sheer number of small companies - natural children's products manufacturerers, makers of handmade toys (including home crafters), and many others - it could put out of business.

It would not apply in the same way to second-hand stores, and certain materials have been exempted. However, as it stands now, it would still have wide-ranging unintended consequences for small businesses that have never used excessive amounts of lead in their children's products.

There's a fabulous post at Rocks in my Dryer, which explains more about what the CPSIA is, who it will affect and how both businesses and consumers will be affected.

For links to more articles and information, you can check out my CPSIA bookmarks.

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