Monday, January 26, 2009

CPSIA response

I didn't really expect a response when I emailed my senators about the CPSIA. Especially not one in my mailbox.

But there it was, on official U.S. Senate stationery, a response from Jon Kyl. It said:

Thank you for your email letting me know of your concerns about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (H.R. 4040).

I share your concerns and was one of just three Senators to vote against it.

So only three senators voted against it, and one of them was from my state. And takes the time to respond to people. Pretty sweet, huh?!


  1. Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn ALSO voted against it and I ALSO got a personalized (well, sort of) letter from him agreeing with my concerns.

    YAY for those three brave senators!

  2. Megan: Yay for your state too! :)

  3. UPDATE: Today I received an email response from Senator John McCain (who voted for the CPSIA).

    An excerpt: "I certainly understand and share your concern about the need to do all we can to protect our nation's children from unsafe products without needlessly jeopardizing the livelihood of thrift stores, resellers, and charities. Please be assured that Congress will be monitoring closely the CPSC and its implementation of the new law."

    It was a nice letter. However, it didn't say anything about small businesses that aren't resellers.

  4. UPDATE #2: Rep. Harry Mitchell weighed in with an email yesterday.

    Part of the long email:

    "Thank you for writing to me about the way in which small toymakers are affected by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA)...

    "As you may know, in the last two years, tens of millions of toys and children's products were recalled. As a father and grandfather, I find this deeply concerning. But like you, I believe that small toymakers, like all small businesses, are an important part of the economy, and I am committed to helping them thrive.

    "In July, I voted for and Congress passed the CPSIA to ensure the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)...has adequate resources to prevent unsafe toys from getting to the market. "


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