Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday wishes for a past president

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

You'd be 200 years old today, and I can't imagine what kind of shape you'd be in. Probably pretty baffled at what you saw around you - cars, Lincoln logs, iPods, your very own (very large) monument and a tiny image of your very large monument on the back of a coin we routinely drop and don't bother to pick up. Well, these days we might pick it up.

These are strange times we're living in. There's a lot we could discuss about people being less than honest, Abe, and about happenings in your home state and what's new at your old job.

But what I really wanna know is this: What would you think if I told you people anywhere in the world could download and print off illustrations of you for their kids to color in with crayons? Would that just mess with your head? Do you even know what "download" means? So much to catch you up on!

Well, let's move on to a more familiar topic: books. There's been all kinds of books written about you - even for kids. I know, you used to have to walk uphill in the snow to borrow a book. I don't think you even wanna know how easy it is for us to get books now.

I'm not sure that everything in those books is accurate - but, at your age, you're probably not sure anymore either. That's okay. I know that somewhere between the myths and misrememberings, you did some genuinely great things.

Honestly, we have a lot to thank you for.


P.S. Happy birthday, also, to my Uncle John. He's not quite as old as Lincoln. But he's much more internet savvy! ;)

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