Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time to get your thrift on!

I'm always for getting the most bang for your buck. In good financial times or tight times, stretching your dollar is just smart. But I think it's taken the current economic crisis for a lot of America to realize/remember this. (Yes, some of you knew it all along. And, yes, some of you are not from the U.S., have attitudes changed in your home country?)

Enter Thursday Thrift. On Thursdays, Deborah at Bette's Bungalow gives tips for saving money and recipes to make a whole lotta food for less. The chicken and rice recipe I mentioned Monday came from Thursday Thrift, and, I have to say, it was delish!

I believe another edition is on its way today. In the meantime, I'd definitely recommend perusing past posts to inspire your frugal side!


Photos by me.


  1. RYC: They definitely did not have kids!

    and yes she is cute even while throwing a fit! (That's why I pulled out the camera!!!!!)

  2. Oh man! The one Thursday I do NOT post for my Thursday Thrift. I'm taking a much needed break and heading out of town. But come back next week...I'll even leave the light on for ya!


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