Monday, February 23, 2009

On the menu this week

Even after going to that workshop and getting all these really cool options for menu planning forms, I still write my weekly menu on the back of my grocery list. That way, if I'm at the store and it turns out that romaine is a better deal than spinach, I can flip over the list and see what I was planning on doing with that spinach and if Romaine would work just as well. Handy, huh?

This week I told Jenna at My Joyful Haven that I'd participate in her Chive Talkin' Menu Plan, so I tried to write (a little) more legibly on the back of my list.

But I'll translate anyway.

  • Monday - Chicken tacos with black beans and squash. Haven't decided yet if I want the black beans and/or squash to be side dishes or if I'll mix it altogether and call it Steph's Super Taco Filling.
  • Tuesday - Planning on trying Deborah's Chicken and Rice Casserole in a Pan.
  • Wednesday - We have caregroup that night, so I want to have something that'll be ready to eat as soon as the Hubs comes home. Most likely I'll throw something in the crockpot. I haven't decided what yet.
  • Thursday - E and Christine are coming over for some of the fabulous lentil soup the Hubs made. Last time he served it over rice with a fried egg on top (guess that's South America style), and it was actually really good.
  • Friday - Got these cute little mini burger patties, which I'll serve on dinner rolls (with all the fixin's, of course) and along with some corn.
  • Saturday - I'm thinking maybe stir fry. Maybe a version of this one. We'll see how the week goes.

Like I said, people like to know what other people are eating! You can share your menu plan, and then link up on My Joyful Haven's Chive Talkin' Menu Plan Blog Roll.


Photo by me. (My version of Chanelle's Simple Stir Fry.)


  1. Great Menu - and I am LOL because I always write - read scribble - my plan on my market list each week. Thanks so much for joining in. Would love to have you all the time.

  2. It was really good. Google black bean, feta and cabbage tacos. Really tasty. It turned creamy and yummy.

    You menu looks great. The workshop looks like it was great

  3. 2boysmom: Thanks! And, yeah, that workshop WAS great. I did learn a lot, even though I've gone back to my writing-on-the-back-of-the-list ways. ;)

  4. Stephanie, I think writing on the back of the list is great...I usually do that too, or on another sheet of paper. I guess it's whatever works for you.

    You inspired me, I shared my menu list too : ).

  5. hey I do the same thing too! I don't plan the days though..but write the dinners at the top of my list so I can remember why I'm getting things too. I hate it when I forget to save my list after shopping though..I have lots of 'duuuuhhh' moments not knowing what I"m making for dinner lol!

  6. i like your idea of writing your weekly menu on the back. good call...especially going to the market, sometimes i don't exactly know what produce is on special or not.


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