Friday, February 6, 2009

7 quick takes No. 2: Big Bird to rhythm

My quick takes on this week:

I read "The birth of Big Bird," which Annie Quick recommended. Turns out Sesame Street almost started out without that big yellow guy - and a few more of our favorites! Very interesting stuff!

I've enjoyed spreading the bloggy love and highlighting things happening on a couple blogs. I'd like to do some more of that this coming week. I hope you're having fun discovering new blogs, commenting and all that good stuff!

You can still order sweet Valentine's Day gifts (or anti-mushy stuff gifts!) from Bold Avenue. In fact, ordering between now and Monday will save you a good chunk o' change on shipping. (i.e. You want this shirt to arrive to a U.S. address before February 14. Ordering it Monday - rather than Tuesday - saves you $8!)

Why do foodies/magazines/Rachel Ray always talk about EVOO? I've read about different grades of olive oil, but I don't really see anything else in stores, so I would think it would go without saying that the OO the recipe calls for should be EV.

We're trying out steel-cut oatmeal. I've been told by several people about its many health benefits over rolled oats, but I sure can't remember any of them now. It's really good, though. And it takes a long time to cook.

Finally seemed to have kicked the crud, and I'm glad to see it go!

I used to try to post every day between 8 and 9 a.m. my time, but lately (you may have noticed), I've gotten out of that rhythm. In fact, I've been all over the place. Maybe I need a new rhythm.

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