Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One thing we all secretly care about: lunch

It's been said that no one cares what you had for lunch. (In a book, actually.) But I care. And I'm betting you do too. Ergo, I'm going to tell you what I cooked up the other day when we had leftover pasta (one person's worth), but no leftover sauce.

I started hunting around for something to keep my pasta company. Canned tomatoes? Close. But no protein. Slivered almonds? Not very saucy. Hmmm....I hatched a plan, crossed my fingers and started cooking.

While I re-heated the pasta in the microwave, I toasted the almonds in a little olive oil (that's EVOO for you foodies).

I put those on top of the pasta and sauteed the tomatoes in the same pan. (Somehow cooking those suckers up with a little butter or olive oil takes out the canned taste.) Then those went on top, along with a couple slices of pepper jack cheese.

I stirred it all up, and you know what? I have to say it turned out pretttty good. Especially for a last-minute weekday lunch.

So what's for lunch at your house?


Photos by me.

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  1. Nothing THAT delicious, that's for sure.

    This is so gross, but my lunch today was leftover McD's hamburgers that the girls didn't eat a birthday party. Wow. Yuck. Wanna come over and cook for me?



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