Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Relaunched!

We had fun with Perfectly Poetical Tuesdays in April, didn't we? Too much fun, I think, to quit there. So....

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday is now a monthly event, and you're invited to join in!

About Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (a.k.a. PerPoTues):

  • Hosted the second Tuesday of the month at The Little Stuff of Life.
  • Each PerPoTues features a different poetic theme - either an actual poetic form (i.e. limerick) or poems in the style of a famous poet (i.e. Dr. Seuss).
  • You don't have to follow poetic forms to the letter. As long as your poem somewhat resembles the theme, no worries! That's why they call it poetic license, right?
  • Each PerPoTues, I'll announce the theme for the next one.
  • The topic/subject matter of your poem is up to you. (Just please keep it family-friendly, as we do have kids that participate with their parents.)
How to play along (assuming today is the second Tuesday of the month):
  • Write a poem in today's theme/style (announced the previous Perfectly Poetical Tuesday).
  • Create an original work on your own or get the kids/family involved. (Beyond that, please do not post another person's poem. Email stephanie [at] boldavenue [dot] com if you have questions about this.)
  • Link from your post to today's PerPoTues post.
  • Buttons are optional. But cool.
  • Visit today's PerPoTues post, leave your link and a comment.

Coming up:
  • May 12 - your choice! Maybe you missed out on the acrostic, limerick or Dr. Seuss poem in April and would like to write one this time around. Maybe you want to write a poem and don't want to worry about following a particular form. This one's up to you!
  • June 9 - epic poem. More on that next week! here!
Remember, every life writes a poem. Have fun telling us what yours says!

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