Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Choose your poem!

Contrary to the usual routine here at the Little stuff of Life, tomorrow will not be Wordless.

We can't just let the last day of National Poetry Month slip by unnoticed can we? Can we? Ok, I suppose we could, but, thanks to Megan at SortaCrunchy, we won't. She is hosting a virtual poetry reading of sorts.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Find a poem that you enjoy – one that makes you laugh or cry or think deeply or see things differently.
  2. Tomorrow I’ll post a poem to kick things off (maybe more than one) right here on this blog.
  3. Then you can post a comment and/or share your poem(s) of choice.
  4. If you blog, feel free to do your own National Poetry Month post and link to it.

Need inspiration? Check out the Poem of the Week blog.

P.S. Original compositions are welcome tomorrow, as well! :)

* * * *
Photo by me. Yep, that is from one of my English textbooks. A fat one.

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