Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Questions I Don't Like - part 1

August Rush wasn't what I expected. But at least the redbox thing worked out great.

I was feeling better today. I say was because I started out the day feeling alright, but then I went to work. And now I'm exhausted. And cranky. And blogging. (Yikes, huh?)

Which brings me to a topic I'd like to discuss. Questions I Don't Like. I've been debating about bringing this up. Too rude? Too self-centered? But then I decided to go for it because 1) I saw this What Not to Say post, and 2) I'm too tired at the moment to worry too much about it. But not too tired to rant.

Before I started my allergy shots, I was getting sinus infections a lot. And I was tired all the time. So I had to adjust my schedule and be okay not getting everything crossed off my to do list. There were many concerned individuals (usually women around my mom's age) who seemed kind of shocked about me slowing down because of my health.

"But what are you going to do when you have kids?!?" They would say, as if my state was too dire to handle the responsibility or I was being too much of a wimp (what, taking a nap!?) or...I'm not sure what.

For a long time, I was dumbfounded.

* * * *
Ok, you didn't even know I was gone, but the Hubs actually kicked me off the computer in order to work on taxes. (He acts like it's a big deal or something...) Anyway, I can't sleep. So I'm back.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. Dumbfounded. How am I supposed to know what I'll do when I have kids? And what kind of an answer were they expecting anyway - that I planned on not getting sick at that point?

Once I started feeling better and hearing that question less, I started to think about it. There are people with conditions much more serious and debilitating than a measly sinus infection that are able to raise kids - and do a great job.

When you're a parent and you're sick, I'm guessing that you do what you need to and try not to sweat the small stuff. Kind of like when you're not a parent and you get sick. Only with a more pressing list of "what you need to do."

So a couple of months ago when I had a cold and an acquaintance of Mom's asked me That Question, I asked her what she did when her kids were little. She said she explained to them that mommy was sick and wouldn't be able to do everything she normally would. She had them bring their toys into the room she was in and play there. Not that big of a deal.

But I still don't like the question.

Cut us non-moms some slack, people! We'll get it figured out.

Ok, time for me to be wordless. You're probably ready for that.


  1. what will you do when you have kids? i'll tell you: you rely on God's GRACE for that day. and the kids will watch lots and lots of veggie tales videos.

  2. That works for me. I like to talk to tomatoes.


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