Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Threat of the Penguins

I thought about playing an April Fool's Day joke on y'all.

I decided it would be too cruel to make you think I was pregnant ("I've been throwing up every morning. I wonder what that's about--?"), since I'm not. I considered making up some kind of crazy product ("actually the robotic diaper changer is quite affordable..."). But right now, I just feel like the real world is weird enough.

Little Duck Family Kids Sweatshirt - There are no strings on me!I subscribe to the CPSC's feed for recalls of child products. You never know what they're going to recall next. Sure, there continues to be a steady stream of things recalled because of lead paint.

And there's been a string of different brands of children's sweatshirts recalled because of the strangulation hazard drawstrings pose. Why they are all of the sudden deciding to recall them (were they not dangerous before?), I don't know. In case you were wondering, yes, the kids sweatshirts in my shop are drawstring-free.

But every once in awhile something new pops up. Something you never would have thought of.

I.e. the recall of a toy penguin. The problem? And I quote...

The head of the penguin toy can detach, exposing connectors with sharp points, presenting a laceration hazard to consumers.
Kind of a disturbing mental image there, huh? So don't be fooled by the innocent looks on their faces, these guys are dangerous.

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