Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So this is Earth Day...

And what have you done?

Actually, I should ask: what are you going to do? Here are some things to consider...

  1. Check out Dumb Little Man's "Items You Never Thought to Recycle" list for anything you can save from going to a landfill.
  2. Bring home fewer plastic bags. Ask for paper and/or reuse bags. I recently started bringing my own bags to the store. In my shop I sell sturdy canvas totes that work great for groceries! (Many of them are labeled "diaper bags," but, really, you're allowed to put whatever you want in them. ;) )
  3. Join Project Support Beauty in Nature to keep the spirit alive! The second Monday of every month you can share tips or projects that you've done (and link to your post if you blog about it) as well as learning from others. (Yeah, I missed the memo last month, but I plan on starting up again in May.)
And so happy Earth Day. I hope you have fun, the near and the dear ones, the old and the young...

P.S. Have a song in your head yet? Good! 'Cuz I do!! Just thought I'd share.

* * * *
Photos: 1 & 2) By me. 3) CafePress image of my Heart Tote Bag. 4) PSBN buttons by Sarcastic Mom.

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  1. From Aunty (via email): "We are celebrating by planting some plants around the house. Did you know you can recycle the plastic pots plants come in back to the nursery? We didn't either. Harper's pays $.05/pot. Cool! Recycling on Earth Day!!"

    From me: FYI, Harper's is a local nursery here in the Phoenix area. If you live somewhere else, feel free to let us know what nurseries in your area will recycle plant pots.


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