Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The deal with babywearing

We're right in the middle of International Babywearing Week! (Which I know, thanks to Megan's post.)

If you're wondering what babywearing is or what the big deal is or why a parent would want to walk around carrying a baby in a sling, this post explains it beautifully. Enjoy!


Photo by Pepper44. CCL.


  1. What a darling picture you found and GREAT LINK! Thanks!!

  2. Oh, your merchandise site is great! And I wore all my babies. There weren't that many baby wearing families around back then (at least it seemed like it) and I would always get the best questions (Is he smothering in there?, etc). I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

  3. Babywearing is awesome. I seriously don't know how I would survive w/out my carriers!!!! :)

    And that is a seriously cute picture. Makes me wish my guy was still tiny...


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