Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting room

Remember how I was getting migraines this summer? Well, a couple weeks ago they came back. With a vengeance. So I quit putting off the MRI my doctor had ordered. And let them look at my brain. (Don't worry - everything's fine.)

What made me smile while I was sitting in a very quiet waiting room with no other patients was a colorful wrapping-paper-covered box full of a random assortment of toys and books. Looked very homemade, like something the staff may have just pulled together themselves. Maybe they know that kids always like someone else's toys better than their own. Maybe they were just trying to keep waiting children happy (read: quiet). But it just seemed like a sweet touch.

I went back to my doctor to get the results. (Which were normal. Remember?) There are always plenty of cute and squirmy kids in that waiting room. But I didn't see any toy box.

I wonder if they have a suggestion box.


  1. Is that Banner Desert? I just started volunteering there - and think I recognize the outside of the building you took a pic of!

    The hospital actually has an AMAZING pediatric unit and tons of areas for children to play. They have an outdoor play area with push cars, a bunny area where kids can visit hospital bunnies, a huge indoor train track set-up and if children or their siblings are patients, there are amazing playrooms and activities to attend.
    But then again, these are all things that a parent would have to take their child to...

    I know they take pride in each of their interactions - with patients AND thier family members. They probably would take your suggestions...and act on them! :)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Justina: Yep. The MRI place is near there.

    That's cool that you're volunteering there! Spent a lot of time at that hospital last year with my grandma (Mom's mom), and sometimes I'd go in by the pediatric section - it is amazing. (I took a couple photos on my way in one day:

    I am feeling better, thanks! No migraines for a week or two now, so I'm very grateful for that!


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