Friday, November 14, 2008

Update: Kids and (not so much) craziness

You know how you're trying to go to sleep and you start to remember all kinds of things you haven't gotten done? Last night I thought "Hmmm...I was all concerned about how Mom's Day Out was gonna go last time I filled in there. Did I ever let everyone know how it went?"

Sure enough, I didn't. I had my new blog to announce, the elections to document, autumn to contemplate and a phone quiz to complete. Since this week was PSBN, Veteran's Day and International Babywearing Week, it's no wonder the update slipped my mind.

So here's the thing: Watching kids on the morning of Halloween was not the nightmare I was anticipating. Apparently, the candy feeding frenzy had not yet begun. I think there was only one costume-wearer and no plastic weapons of any kind. The kids were a bit hyper, but not nearly as much as I expected.

One of the regular MDO workers said that the day after Halloween is much worse - that's when a bunch of little ones who were up past their bedtimes crash from their sugar highs and get reeeally cranky. Glad we missed that this year!


Photos by me.

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  1. Yes, the day after is worse. Teachers (of any age kids!) are grateful when Halloween lands on the weekend.


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