Friday, October 31, 2008

Kids, costumes and craziness

I'm off to another crazy day of filling in at Mom's Day Out today.

So, while I'm busy doing things like keeping kids who are super hyped up on pre-Halloween candy from whacking each other with plastic swords and other costume accessories, check out these adorable, funny baby costumes.

Also, early next week I'm thinking of having a day when everyone can stop by and post links to their cute kids-in-costume photos. What do you think?


Photo by me. Didn't realize she blinked until too late! :)


Edited to fix link.


  1. The best part about that picture is that I know that you didn't have to take that picture on or near Halloween. She would probably wear that everyday if you let her.

  2. Very true! I think that one was actually from her birthday, so, yeah, August. :)


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