Friday, October 24, 2008

Bookshelf construction

Recently, the Hubs decided he had had enough of the piles of books that were accumulating around the house, and it was time to get a bigger bookshelf. (Even though we've given some away, we still seem to have more books between the two of us than shelf space.)

So off we went to Ikea. And a bigger bookshelf we got.

Somehow, we got it all in the car and got it home. (I had to ride in the back, but it was okay. I just pretended I was being chauffeured, "Oh, driver, take this left...")

The Hubs put it all together.

And he even started loading stuff on it.

Pretty cool, huh?


Photos by me, except for the last one, which is by the Hubs.


  1. i LOVE those bookshelves!!! we have like three of 'em throughout our house, haha!

  2. Nice! Yeah, it's much easier to deal with the square "cubbies" than super long shelves. Plus, the looks-cool factor.

  3. Cute!! I love that bookshelf! Nice job to the "Hubs"!


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