Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy overexposed TV personality, Batman!

I first saw this ad in Real Simple. And I was like What?!? That Ty guy from the Home Makeover show? And baby formula?

Similac's copywriters sure tried hard to tie (no pun intended) it all together by talking about good design. (Both of these ads are from Similac's guide to putting a nursery together.)

But, really?

Anyway, gratuitous celebrity usage aside, it does seem like good packaging design. No clue how their formula stacks up against others, but someone (not Ty Pennington) definitely thought about making it come in an easy-to-use container.

  • The scoop attaches to the lid, which is attached to the container, so you don't are less likely to lose either one.
  • It's designed so you can easily hold it with one hand.
  • The label peels back and has Spanish instructions on the back. But good luck doing that with one hand! Pues, buena suerte con hacerlo con una mano solamente!)
  • The opening is wider for scooping.

What I think is really cool is that they made the scoop the exact size to get every last bit of formula out of the corners! Wish my coffee canister was like that.


Ads from the Similiac newsroom.

Coffee canister photo by me.

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