Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A brave new (grocery) world

I have to admit, I was kinda nervous about going to American Discount Foods. Sounds silly now, but I used to live right by it and never went there. In my defense, however, it is the only grocery store I know of that has no windows, what appears to be a check point at the entrance and is surrounded by chain link fence with barbed wire on the top.

So was I crazy to be a little hesitant to go in?

It took someone I knew mentioning she'd been there before at the Meal Planning Workshop. And me unexpectedly having a few extra minutes on that side of town before I needed to go pick up the Hubs.

So I decided to venture in.

You know what? The people were friendly, the deals were good and you don't even have to check in at the little checkpoint when you come in.

I might just go back.

And you know what? If you're in the Phoenix/East Valley area, you should give it a try. If not, I hope this still gives you courage to face your grocery store fears.

Who knows what you'll come away with?


  1. And just think, the Smart Shopper from ABC15 is doing a piece on it 10/21/08. But only AFTER channel 3!

    Worth the trip and going there first!

  2. Ha, I don't blame you for avoiding the ghetto-looking store! This is a great little blog you have here.

    And thanks so much for helping out with the donation to Heifer International. I appreciate it.

  3. zanesmommy: Pretty sweet that we scooped ABC15, huh?! :) Their piece (http://tinyurl.com/55fyf4) didn't come out until almost 6p.

    You're the one that suggested ADG in the first place, right? I *thought* it was you, but couldn't remember for sure. If so, thanks!!


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