Monday, October 13, 2008

When life gives you plastic bags...

The Hubs and I have been working on reducing the number of plastic bags that come into our house.

  • We started bringing our own cloth bags to the store.
  • We've been reusing plastic containers rather than one-time-use plastic baggies.
  • We keep an eye out for products that don't use plastic (especially that thin, non-recyclable stuff) in their packaging.
  • We also have mesh bags that veggies came in that we take to the store to put more veggies in. (Someday I'll remember to use them!)
Since we haven't been able to eliminate plastic bags altogether (yet), we're trying to reuse those like we're re-purposing other plastic containers.

We use bread bags as trash bags for the car (and occasionally other random things).

When I was getting the food together before our camping trip last week, re-used a plastic vegetable bag to keep a container of honey from getting anything else in the food bag sticky.

Also last week, the Hubs used up a bag of potting soil, which we can't technically recycle. Before he threw it away, however, he used it as a garbage bag and went out to the parking lot and picked up trash. Smart, huh?!

Project Support Beauty in Nature (PSBN) is all about greener living and cleaner communities - one project at a time.

Photos (except the PSBN badge) by me.


  1. This is awesome and what a great idea. We're a far cry from getting entirely rid of plastic, but re-using is something everyone can do. Love it! Inspiring, thanks!

  2. What great ideas! I love the bread bag as car garbage bag.

    Awesome that you guys are so motivated. :-)


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