Monday, October 27, 2008

At least the moms got a day off

Filled in Friday for a church Mom's Day Out program. Walked in the door. Got the scoop on the day. Braced for the craziness.

Checked kids in. Checked them out. Rocked babies. Opened juice boxes. Said "don't throw sand!" "use kind words!" and "share!" more times than I care to remember. Played with puzzles. Refereed rivalries. Comforted criers. Put lunch boxes in the fridge. Took them out. Led kids where they were supposed to go. And back. Supervised. Laughed. Fed. Talked. Came home ready to crash.

Still want kids? Yes. Just not 20 at once, thanks.


Photos by me.


  1. And not twenty all the same age - preschoolers! Even large families have older ones who can help with the 1 to 3 that are under 5 years of age! :-)

  2. No kidding! :) We actually had babies who couldn't walk yet through kindergartners. I should've included "made sure no one got stepped on" in my list 'cuz I did plenty of that as well!

  3. you are a saint... and that is waaaaaaaaaaaaay different than your own kids. I should know since I just handled 16 2year olds this weekend. I was very thankful to return to my 3 kids after that!


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