Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kids at the (state) park

One thing I'd like to add to my post about our trip to Cottonwood/Sedona/Jerome is that a lot of state parks have activities geared towards kids.

At Red Rock State Park, we saw kids scurrying around, working on some kind of scavenger hunt. The visitor center also had this little, child-sized desk set up with coloring pages and crayons.

Most Arizona state parks have Junior Ranger activities. This page links to each park's "for kids" page, which have downloadable activity sheets with facts specific to each park. (I'm guessing other states have similar programs, but I'm not going to list links for the other 49.)

For more info on state parks and other great places to visit around Arizona, I definitely recommend the book Arizona Family Field Trips. We've found it helpful - even without kiddos.

If you're in another state, you can do a Google search to find state parks near you or start here.


  1. so fun thanks for the ideas!

  2. You're welcome! I think state parks are great, but sometimes overlooked. :)


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