Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids in the white house

With young children about to be in the White House for the first time since the Kennedy administration, you have to ask yourself: What would that be like?

While Sasha and Malia Obama will probably be off-limits to interviewers the next four to eight years, past children of presidents have spoken about their experiences.

The White House Historical Association has this fabulous page about first kids. It asks great questions ("What would your life be like if you lived in the White House? Where would you play with your friends? Could you go anywhere you wanted at any time you wanted? Where would you eat and do your homework?"), gives historical anecdotes and has links to pictures of white house kids and pets. It's listed for grades 4-8, but I was intrigued and read the whole thing. You could also adapt it for younger kids by printing it off and reading them a section at a time, allowing them to think about and answer the questions, etc.

Yahoo also has a Presidential Children slideshow with 101 photos - with captions - of first kids throughout our history.

So interesting stuff to check out! And, in the meantime, you (or the kids) might just accidentally learn something about history or U.S. government!

Daguerrotype of the south front of the White House (public domain)

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