Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It begins.

Did things just get all crazy for you too? The holiday season reminds me of playing tether ball as a kid. You know it's coming around again, but WHAM! it still hits you in the face.

Somewhere between Friday night's Mysterious Exhibit viewing and working on Saturday, the Hubs got the sore throat crud that's been going around.

The next day we still made it to church. And the party for our friend who just got his PhD. (Yay Mariano!) And Thanksgiving #1. (Hubby's family reschedules Thanksgiving for whenever it fits everyone's calendar.)

In the two days before Thanksgiving #2 (with my family, on the traditional U.S. day), I've got some work to do. And I also have the same crud now as the Hubs.

Ah, the holidays.

P.S. Speaking of work, I'll be announcing my Thanksgiving sale tomorrow on the New on the Avenue blog, so stop by or subscribe to make sure you don't miss it! :)


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forezt. CCL.
Other two: By me.

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