Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life unplugged

Other than about 45 minutes yesterday, I was offline and off the computer for over two days. Not something I can do all the time (especially running a business), but I figured I could sneak in a break over the long weekend.

It was good. But it was funny how - even when I had my vacation message and everything set up - it was still a challenge to stay unplugged. I had to fight the urge to check on things and to connect with the online world. (Kind of like those panicked moments that sporadically occur for months after graduation when you're sure you're forgetting to do some homework, but there's none to be done.) But I would take a deep breath and the feeling would pass. By the end of the day yesterday, I felt like I was living a lot more in the moment and a lot less like I needed to know what/how the whole world was doing all the time.

So I think that little break was exactly what I needed.


Photos by me.

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  1. yes!!! I identify totally. when I am unplugged, i get lots of "urges." but after a while, it totally fades and there is so much freedom. Unplugging lots more these days.


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