Monday, May 11, 2009

On the menu: week of 5/10/09

This week looks a little like last week.

Only I scanned the list crooked.

As usual, I've already done some switching around, and more might be on the way. There sure was last week. I didn't make the chicken or the tuna casserole I had planned, so they're up this week.

Here's the most current incarnation of The Plan:

  • Monday - soft tacos
  • Tuesday - pasta with cabbage, bacon, sage and onions (loosely based on this recipe)
  • Wednesday - garlic chicken and mashed potatoes
  • Thursday - tuna casserole (probably some version of this one)
  • Friday - maybe southwest chicken sandwiches with black beans
So what's on your menu? Let us know, then link up at the Chive Talkin' Menu Plan Blog Roll.

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  1. Hey Friend! Your link needs to be corrected in Mr. Linky ... I think you do that on your end? You have double https... probably why you didn't get any comments on your wonderful plan this week yet. Ahhh...bacon...that seems to be a theme on the menus this week. Funny that a little swine flu makes us cook bacon. LOL. That dish sounds really good. Thanks again for joining in the Chive Talkin Menu Plan Blog Roll. I love having you! Cheers!


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