Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Takes: May Day migrants to migraine magnets

  1. Happy May Day! Did you know that May 1st represents all kinds of very different holidays - from celebrating spring to migrant workers' rights? Yep. You can read about all that here.
  2. If, however, you're just into cute May Day/spring crafts, then this is the site you're looking for.
  3. Speaking of workers' rights, May 9 is World Free Trade Day, which is about producers and laborers around the world getting fair compensation for their goods and services. There's more info about that on my organic clothing page (but ya gotta scroll down to "World Fair Trade Day"). Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you wanted to hold or attend a Free Trade Day event.
  4. I usually read blogs via something called a feed reader, which I would (normally) recommend. (Basically, it brings blogs, news, etc. to you rather than you having to go all over the internet to visit them.) However, if my feed reader doesn't deliver feeds, I get behind on my blog reading. I thought you bloggers had been awfully quiet. So, if I haven't stopped by your blog in awhile, don't think I'm mad at you or something. It's not you, it's Google.
  5. As an addendum to yesterday's poetry links, I saw something very cool on Craftzine today: Poetry Reels. There are poems printed on ribbon and wrapped around wooden spools. So clever and beautiful!
  6. Wednesday my cousin's babysitter fell through at the last minute (no, she didn't get the swine flu - she got American Idol tickets), so I ended up watching his son, E.J. (namesake of E.J. Peak) at my parents' house for about half the day. We had a fun time building blocks, feeding apples to Mom's chickens, trying in vain to make Weebles fall down, and watching Aladdin. He even took a nap! :)
  7. Migraine-suffers might like to know they're working on a crazy new treatment that involves magnetic stimulation. Yeah. I can't even really wrap my head around that. But, hey, if they can find something - anything - that gets rid of those, more power to them, right?!
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