Monday, May 4, 2009

On the menu: week of 5/3/09

I didn't have my shopping list handy when I jotted down this week's menu, so I grabbed the back of a mailing label and wrote the first draft there. (Recycling!)

Then I remembered that we didn't end up eating stir fry last week, so I still have stir fry ingredients to use up.

So here's the revised plan:

  • Monday - stir fry with tofu, almonds, etc.
  • Tuesday - taco salad
  • Wednesday - baked chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies
  • Thursday - family get together or tuna casserole
  • Friday - homemade potato soup
A few notes:
  • I have some potatoes that need eating, can you tell? :)
  • I had taco salad on the menu, but I forgot about Cinco de Mayo until I read Jenna's plan. Then, I thought it would be better suited to Tuesday.
  • I haven't made tuna casserole in a really long time. Let me know if you have a really great recipe to suggest.
  • We might be getting together with my family Thursday night and making pizza or pasta. It's kind of up in the air until we get some work schedules figured out.
Have a great day! And don't forget to stop by Jenna's blog to see what else is cookin' this week!


  1. Thanks for stopping my my blog. Just emailed you back the tofu recipe.

    Seems everyone is having Mexican this week with Cinco de Mayo!

  2. We love taco salad! It's always versatile and can be made ahead or at the last minute. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Tuna noodle casserole! I haven't made that in forever either. The menu looks really yummy for the week.

    I've got potatoes to use up as well.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.


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